Resilience and risk prevention: how to overcome the moments of crisis?

Resilience, according to the UN, is the “capacity of a system, community or society exposed to a threat to resist, absorb, adapt and recover of its effects in a timely and efficient way, which includes the perseverance and restoration of its structures and basic functions”. In AXA Mexico Foundation we understand and apply this idea when we work on prevention and foment the participation of the members of the communities to create resilient communities. In collaboration with the government and civil organizations, like the

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Apoyos programa Hacer para Nacer en 2020

How has AXA Mexico Foundation contributed to diminish the neonatal rate mortality with its program Hacer para Nacer?

To this date, Hacer para Nacer has modified the physical conditions of three neonatal intensive care units of IMSS Bienestar. This has allowed that, in vulnerable areas in Chiapas, babies in critical health conditions have radiant heat cribs and incubators that help them grow, vital signs monitors that reduce the patient´s unsafety and strengthen timely health interventions, and specific infrastructure for the neonate in case of respiratory complications or asphyxia. In terms of physical conditions, these three hospitals now count with cutting edge technology

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