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AXA Mexico Foundation designed a multisector alliance to strengthen neonatal health.

Hacer para Nacer

This project seeks to improve medical care in vulnerable communities in Chiapas, alongside with IMSS Bienestar, IMSS Foundation, Perinatology National Institute, Mexican Red Cross and other allies.

Results until 31 December 2021:

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Each year, more than 17,000 children die in Mexico during their first year of age; half of them occur in their first month. The majority due to preventable causes, such as infections or respiratory difficulties.

Salud y Vida

Medical Care Unit for Neonatal Special Cares in the IMSS Bienestar Rural Hospital in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas.

This public health challenge is accentuated in vulnerable areas, like Chiapas, with highly marginalized municipalities and medical units, which have a higher chind mortality rate than the rest of the country.  

The project is centered in four actions:

  • Donation and reconditioning of medical equipment for neonatal care.
  • Doctors and nurses´ training in obstetric emergencies and newborn first care.
  • Scholarships for doctors and nurses.
  • Diagnosis and strengthening  the hospitals as a safe place againts natural phenomenon.



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