Facing adversity we impulse the prevention and the society´s participation, to create resilient communities.

We support the reconstruction of Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, a community affected by the 2017 earthquake.

Results until 30 June 2021:

R 1 3 Resilience
R 2
R 3 2 Resilience
R 4

Resilience is the capacity to overcome crisis and adversity.


Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca. A community´s citizen picks up rubble after the 2017 earthquake.

To diminish these risks, we encourage prevention through alliances with the government and other civil organizations, to act in case of an emergencies. We arrange trainings with specialized groups, like the Mexican Red Cross or Topos. 

In a natural disaster, we support communities -along with our ally Cadena, A.C.-, and decrease the damages with an organic approach. As a response to the September 2017 earthquakes, we decided to collaborate with one of Oaxaxa´s most affected communities, Unión Hidalgo, by the following actions:

  • Reconstruction of schools and markets.
  • Design new houses with better structure and resilient materials.
  • Donating a AXA microinsurance to all the reconstructed houses that covers fires, earthquakes and floodings. 



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