Resilient Community

We rebuilt the communities of Cristo Rey and Palmito Verde in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, after hurricane Willa in 2018, through an alliance with the local government and organizations such as ARISE (Private Sector Alliance for Disaster Resilient Societies).

Results as of June 30th, 2022.

Cifras Marzo 2022 2 1 Resilience
R 2
R 3 2 Resilience
R 4

Resilience is the capacity to overcome crisis and adversity.


Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca. A community´s citizen picks up rubble after the 2017 earthquake.

Housing reconstruction in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca

In response to the September 2017 earthquakes, we executed in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, the first resilient community rebuilding. In complete collaboration with ARISE, social organizations, municipal government, the community, and other allied companies, we collaborated to reconstruct more than 300 homes, classrooms, and markets. 

In addition, we took part in the formation of a community brigade and the training and analysis of structural design with resistant materials. All the houses included a risk transfer mechanism against fire, earthquake, and flood. 

Emergency Support

In 2021, we activated the support plan for emergencies caused by hydrometeorological phenomena. With the support of Protección Civil, the organization in charge of detecting urgent needs, AXA México Foundation donated over a million pesos in sanitizing kits, cleaning materials, tools, food, and hygiene products for the victims of hurricanes Nora, Grace, and Pamela, in four Mexican states: Veracruz, Puebla, Sinaloa, and Nayarit.

In recent years, we have participated in the recovery of communities affected by other hurricanes, tropical storms, and earthquakes in different states of México.

The purpose is to generate a prototype of a resilient community to mitigate the effects caused by hydrometeorological phenomena. Our intervention includes:

  • Building houses.
  • Forming a community brigade.
  • Financial inclusion.
  • Training in Civil Protection for the locals of the zone.

The houses are based on the Building back better principle, which seeks to reduce physical, social, and environmental vulnerabilities to future risks. 



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